High Voltage Film Capacitor

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  1. high voltage capacitor 20kV 1.0uF Pulse capacitor cylindrical

    high voltage pulse capacitor 1uF 20kV ( 1000nF 20000V.DC),it is plastic case power film capacitor ,use hole axial terminals, use the polypropylene metallized film capacitor , cylindrical type . appliation for high voltage pulse power supply , snubber and calmping . strong mounting , low inductance capacitor.
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  2. 15000V 2.0uF Capacitor axial threaded terminal 15kV 2MKF

    plastic case power film capacitors 2.0uF 15.0kV (2000nF 15000V.DC ) ,with M8 screw terminal , plastic box type , cylindrical , this 15000V capacitor is a polypropylene metallized film capacitor , filled with resin ,hole axial terminal.
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  3. 1000pF 30kV High Voltage Polystyrene Film Capacitor

    high Voltage polystyrene Film capacitor 1000pF 30kV,Axial Wire Lead Non-sealed foil structure , resisitant to high voltage,
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